dr musings: june 1, 2003

Greetings from the Dominican Republic!


I arrived back in the DR yesterday, and it is great to be back! It was three years ago today that I arrived for the summer I spent here. It is so fun to see everyone again, and to experience this wonderful place.

I have already had a ride on a motor (a moped)–and don’t worry Mom, Lowell was driving (actually, you should worry!), eaten “morro” (a rice dish that is common here), been awakened by roosters greeting the new day, made friends with some shoe shine boys who took me on a walking tour all over town, danced to merengue music, had a nice welcome from the ‘black flies’ by them taking chunks out of my legs (literally, they leave a large red mark from where they take a bite of out you), and had the electric go out…

It is great to see how the work that Students International is doing here in the community has really grown over the past three years. My job for the first two weeks is to lead a Media site, so I will be taking lots of pictures and hope to be able to put them up on my website when I get back, so you all can see it too!

That’s it for now…hasta luego!


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