We made it to malawi! (and go Bruins!)

We left the St. Andrews church parking lot at 4:30PM on Saturday for the drive up to LAX to begin the journey…we arrived to our hotel (The Capitol, quite nice and even set-up with a fitness center so I can at least attempt to continue my marathon training on the treadmill…) at about 2PM on Monday…it was quite a journey, and I am feeling rather jet lagged, but am trying to put off sleep until it is at least a somewhat reasonable bed time.

The air feels very tropical here. It reminds me of the DR or of Hawaii–even those same orange blossomed trees (I don’t know my flora) that are so beautiful in Hawaii. It is pouring rain outside…and even though I own multiple rain coats in Southern California I did not make room for said rain coats in my luggage, so we will see how it goes. The area that we drove through to get from the airport to the hotel (about 30 minutes) was green and quite lush. I am surprised at the tropical-ness of it.

That’s all for now, hopefully there will be more interesting strories once we start our stuff tomorrow..oh yeah, and I want to test which way the water goes down the drain–isn’t it different in the Southern Hemisphere? Yes, these are the things that intrigue me!

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