Elote de Gringa

Yesterday at the farmer’s market I got corn and red and green peppers. I’ve had “Elote” in Mexico served from street carts. It usually comes in a styrofoam cup–a scoop of corn, butter, mayonaise, cheese and chili powder. It’s not exactly the healthiest thing, but delicious. I decided to make a slightly gringa-fied version:

Elote de Gringa

Elote de Gringa

Elote de Gringa

1 cob of corn
a bit of chopped red and green bell pepper
some chopped white onion
feta, parmesean, or other cheese of choice
chili powder
olive oil
vinegar (red wine or balsamic)

Cook the corn on the cob for about 4 minutes in a shallow pan of water, covered.
Meanwhile, chop peppers and onion and saute with a bit of olive oil or butter. Don’t overcook–just get them soft.
Cut corn from cob and add to pepper mixture. Stir and turn off heat.
Put in bowl and add chopped tomato. Drizzle with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and chili powder to taste. Add feta or other cheese.


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