In line!

We’re in line for Orange. It took us a long time on metro. Broken down train and sick person slowed down the trains, in addition to the fact that it is packed!! We are watching the sun rise over the clouds, standing in line, eating the provisions we brought–mixed nuts, string cheese, chocolate covered almonds and an apple. Breakfast of champions. Someone should start a coffee delivery service and they’d make a killing!

Thrilled to be here. Will report as able!


3 responses to “In line!

  1. we’re with you! so exciting! K & K

  2. I looked EVERYWHERE for you. Wonder why I didn’t see you…. 🙂

    The pictures are great – actually saw your picture of the capitol before I saw it on TV !!

    Be sure to say Hi to Obama for me!!

  3. Can’t wait to see your pictures and hear how it was. I am so jealous that you were there. It was amazing to watch on TV, very emotional !!

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