Day 1: departure

I arrived at LAX in what has turned out to be plenty of time. No line for check-in, no line for security. Wonder if it is the economy, or just Tuesday at noon?

This first leg of the journey will take me to Tokyo for a change of planes and on to Bangkok, Thailand. I will be in Bangkok to attend a conference–the same one I attended four years ago and which was fantastic. A bit hard to describe, but some of the most interesting people, involved in creative ministry around the world.

I’ll also be there to cover issues of human trafficking for The Presbyterian Outlook.

I’m hoping as well to be able to visit a couple from The Los Ranchos Presbytery who are living in Chaing Mai and working in AIDS education and prevention.

Time to start boarding…


One response to “Day 1: departure

  1. You never cease to amaze me with your travels. Hope you’re having a fabulous time!

    From Houston,
    Kristi Hawkins

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