Day 5: Chatuchak weekend market

for sale

for sale

Saturday morning we headed out, via taxi (upside of taxis in Bangkok: even an hour-long taxi ride can be as little as $1-2. Downside of taxis in Bangkok: sometimes, due to the excessive amounts of traffic, it is an hour-long taxi ride to go a few miles.) to the Chatuchak weekend market. Imagine a cross between a giant flea market and a sauna.

Everything is for sale at the Chatuchak market. Everything. Food (both to eat there and to take home to cook), pottery, Hello Kitty-esque umbrellas, clothing of all sorts, puppies, furniture, massage oil, antiques, plants…

It’s also FULL of people, locals and tourists alike. So, with the already hot and humid temperatures in Bangkok, plus the mass of humanity, and the occasional plastic tarp-roofed aisle ways, though it makes for some good bargains, it also makes for some sauna-like conditions.

I did manage to learn a few new Thai phrases in one of the shops where I stopped to bargain over a souvenir gift. One of the ways that I enjoy interacting with people when I am visiting their culture is to ask them to teach me some words in phrases. Without fail, in more developing countries, this has gotten a warm and friendly response.  It hasn’t worked so well for me in Paris.

Here are a few of the phrases (apologies for my weak attempts at phonetic spelling):

  • Kun sabay di may:  How are you?
  • Sabay di ka/kap: Fine thank you. (women say ka, men kap)
  • Tao lie:   How much is this?
  • Kun chil at lai: What is your name?
  • Chan chi: My name is


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