Day 6: perspectives

Sunday was our first full conference day. Our days are spent doing ‘manuscript study’ and our evenings are spent hearing stories from around the world as well as discussions around different issues of missiology. The people who are here come from many places around the world.

When I came four years ago it was one of the most interesting, richest, and fascinating weeks of my life. I’ve been trying to figure out why.

I think one piece is that I love meeting people from other places–people who are different from me, and have a different view of the world–and hearing their stories.

I talked with one man of Asian background (specific details are intentionally ommitted to protect privacy) who had lived in the US but a number of years ago moved back to his home country.

He asked me what I thought about Obama, then I asked him back. “Obama has given hope to minorities all over the world. They too might be president or prime minister someday in their own countries (Asian) where they now have little voice.”

I asked him about the economic downturn, and the perspective of people where he lives. “We hope that the policies of the US do not fail. If the US fails, we all fail.”

I wonder if Rush Limbaugh, and those who follow him–many of whom also follow Jesus–have considered that consequence?


One response to “Day 6: perspectives

  1. Oh Erin, you and I are on the same wave length!! I so agree about Rush Limbaugh…keep it up, dear one!

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