Day 10: pierced!


Eating falafel at the Kao San Road night market

Eating falafel at the Kao San Road night market

Tonight we went to the “Hippie Night Market” on Kao San Road. It is a fascinating look at the backpacker culture from all over the world. There are many hostels lining the road, many bars, many young backpackers from mainly the west, and all kinds of food, clothes, fake IDs,  jewelry, and souvenirs for sale.

My friend Stephanie, American but from the Philippines, had gotten her nose pierced here a few years ago, while at the conference. Her daughter Mona also has her nose pierced.

Not a month ago I had said to a friend, who said she’d like to get her nose pierced someday, “not me!”

So much for that… I’d love to show you a picture, but I’m not sure a close-up of my nose would be very attractive…


2 responses to “Day 10: pierced!

  1. can’t believe that you DID it!!!!!!! I should have been with you! thanks for all of the updates on what sounds like an incredible journey.
    See ya soon,

  2. Did you actually get your nose pierced???!!! Jimmy Stout’s wife, Mari, has her nose pierced. Oh my…you are too much! I love reading all that you are doing. Keep it coming.

    Love to you, Anne

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