Day 17: shooting dogs

Today was a transit day, from Cairo, by way of Paris, and on to Belfast.

The movie choice on the flight from Cairo was not great, so I took the opportunity to watch a movie I had downloaded, “Shooting Dogs.” It is based on a true story from the Rwandan genocide.

Last week at the conference in Bangkok I got to know Lambert, from Rwanda. He spent two years living in a refugee camp in the Congo, because of the genocide. But, when meeting Lambert, what you notice first and almost immediately, is his warm smile. It was very difficult to spend two hours watching the film about the genocide–I can’t even imagine having gone through it.

Lambert is part of a group that is trying to bring healing and reconciliation to Rwanda. They are calling for a national repentance. If you are someone who prays, pray for the work they are doing.

It is hard to believe that something as horrible as that could go on, and not only did the rest of the world do nothing, but even took actions that helped foster it. I’m ashamed that I knew nothing about it, as it happened.

If you haven’t seen Shooting Dogs I highly recommend it, but it’s not easy watching…


One response to “Day 17: shooting dogs

  1. I would wholeheartedly agree with your “it’s not easy watching” comment. I went to Rwanda for 2 weeks in 2006, and before going I heard about this film and “Hotel Rwanda”. It was suggested that I watch them on my return – I watched “Hotel Rwanda” – which is the easier of the two soon after – but only saw “Shooting Dogs” last month. It certainly is graphic and makes you think about what human beings are capable of. When I was in Rwanda I was struck by the cheerfulness and love of the people I met (mainly Anglican clergy, it has to be said) – but yes, they know what suffering is, and I do pray for them.

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