Day 23: poisson d’avril to you

view from the flatview from the flat

I’ve officially arrived on my last leg of the trip–Paris. If you’d like to see the latest Paris pictures, you can view them via my Paris flickr set which will be updated as regularly as I can. 

My aunt Marge sent me an email asking if I’d seen any activity for ‘poisson d’avril‘ which is, apparently, the French version of April Fool’s Day. Though I did not see any children trying to attach paper fish to the backs of unknowing victims, I did read a great April Fools Day article in The Guardian newspaper.

The article was entitled “Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink”  and was a spoof about the paper version shutting down to only report via twitter, in 140 characters or less. It is a fun read, if you’ve got the time. 

I also saw another April Fools, which succeeded in fooling me for far too long actually, from Sojourners Magazine, a progressive Christian publication. Their news was that the infamous Rush Limbaugh was to speak at their Mobilization to End Poverty gathering which is coming up at the end of April. The Huffington Post has the link to the full article here. I guess I’m idealistic enough to have fallen for it, though surprised, for at least half of the article. 

In travel news, I got to Paris today after leaving Belfast early to catch a bus to Dublin to catch a flight to Paris to catch a train to the Marais, where my mom (who arrives tomorrow morning) and I will be staying for the week, touring Paris.


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