Day 28: the picasso of pastry

sunny day in Paris

sunny day in Paris

Today was a beautiful, sunny day in Paris. 

Here are a few highlights: 

  • Guided tour of the Louvre (last time I went to the Louvre it was basically to see the Mona Lisa and leave, so this time was a bit more thorough, though at only 1.5 hours, only saw a tiny fraction of what could be viewed…and I’m probably okay with that! 
  • Ice cream from Berthillon (recommended by Rick Steves and my good friend Julianne). I had coffee and chocolate. Yum. 
  • We tried to go see Sainte-Chapelle but the line was really long so we did not wait. We’ll see if we can get in tomorrow. When I was here five years ago, but in February, we walked right in. 
pastry by the 'picasso of pastry'

pastry by the 'picasso of pastry'


  • Dinner at Chez Lena et Mimile  a cute place we had seen a few days back and managed to find again, based on a photo my mom had taken of the awning. The photo did not have the full name of the place, but did have the phone number, which I was able to google and get the address. In addition to a delicious dinner (we both had ‘gambas’ (shrimp) with risotto) we tasted a fine pastry from the ‘picasso of pastry’ Pierre Hermé.


  • img_1978aTo cap off the evening we decided to take another boat tour (we took one the day my mom arrived, during the day) so that we could see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. The boat tour did not disappoint–the Eiffel Tower views, with the moon alongside, were spectacular. We would up sitting next to a couple from Sherman Oaks, and a few rows in front of many young school children, all in matching red baseball caps, all hooting as we went under each bridge, until an announcement came on in French that, based on their subsequent silence, must have reprimanded them. 

2 responses to “Day 28: the picasso of pastry

  1. Too bad so many have discovered the jewel of St. Chapelle. Long lines when we were there, too, so didn’t get to see it this time.

    Glad you got to try the ice cream. We had heard of that place also but didn’t find one. We did have ice cream though. 🙂

    Are the pictures from your mom’s camera? Wonderful one of ET at night !!!!!!

  2. Well, we have managed to try many different ice cream places…got to find the best! 😉

    The ET and dessert were from my mom’s camera, the Notre Dame from my iPhone…trying to live with what I’ve got, since buying a new camera in Paris is a bit spendy!

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