Day 30: In search of lost things, part II

I’m on the way back from the Paris lost & found, still sans camera, but with a couple of key bits of information:

1. The email of a guy in Lost & Found who speaks English. I’m supposed to email him to see if the camera arrives.
2. The fact, according to English speaking guy, that things like cameras do get turned in sometimes–even wallets with money in them.
3. The knowledge that your tax dollars are hard at work–apparently if lost items are found the Lost & Found cannot ship them to the US. It us the US Embassy that has to pick them up.
“Oh great,” I said, upon hearing that news.
“It is no problem,” said my new English speaking friend and source of information. “They come here regularly to pick up the items that Americans leave in Paris.”
Really?! I wonder who has that job…?

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