avoid Mexico?

nyt2I’m glad to see that the NY TImes has changed it’s article title. I realize that it can be difficult to report on an unfolding situation. The current article seems much less sensationalized than its previous counterpart entitled,  “Avoid Mexico, Travelers Are Told, as Swine Flu Toll Mounts.” 

Only problem with that headline is that it was only half the truth, if you were to read the actual article, which said,  “Earlier on Monday, the European Union’s health commissioner urged Europeans to avoid traveling to the United States or Mexico if doing so was not essential.” The United States or Mexico. Not just Mexico. The health commissioner has since backpedaled on that statement, after criticism by the US, which then gave the same warning to its citizens about Mexico. 

I’m not saying that the initial travel warning by the EU’s health commissioner was a good thing or a bad thing–it’s just that it actually included the US, not just Mexico. Granted, the swine flu so far is much worse in Mexico, and let’s hope it does not get that bad in the US. But let’s also not pretend that we are immune and the only problem is with ‘them.’


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