Fe’s Yogurt Recipe

For a while now I’ve been wanting to make my own yogurt–I’m tired of figuring out how to use or dispose of so many plastic yogurt containers, and in La Mision (Baja California) the only kind of yogurt we have locally available is sweetened fruit yogurt. I like to have plain yogurt and mix it with fresh fruit and even a bit of granola.

So, while visiting my friend Stephanie in Manila, I was so excited to see that they make their own yogurt! Fe, a Filipina woman who works for Stephanie, is the yogurt chef and she taught me her (very easy!) recipe:

Fe’s Yogurt Recipe

Mix together 3 cups of lukewarm water and 1.5 cups of powdered milk.

In a separate bowl, combine 1/2 cup of starter (yogurt you keep from the last batch, or, at the beginning, buy) with 1/2 of the above combined mixture. Mix it together thoroughly.

Combine the starter mix with the powdered milk mix.

Pour the entire batch into the ‘easiyo‘ yogurt maker container. Put the yogurt container into the outer container. Fill the outer container with lukewarm water, just to the level of the yougurt. Let sit for 5 hours.

And just like that…homemade yogurt!


One response to “Fe’s Yogurt Recipe

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