Daily Archives: August 4, 2011

a walk thru the alps: day 1 Attinghausen to Engelberg

Day: 1
Distance: 16+ miles
Eats: Nutella, bread, cheese, coffee, bread, cheese, salami, broccoli soup, beer, spaghetti, salad, chocolate, chocolate

After a few missed train and an express train that took us almost to Italy, Kim, Katy, Courtney and I made it Wednesday night to Attinghausen where we began our two week hiking adventure through the Swiss Alps.

First impressions?
-The Swiss have amazingly clean bathrooms.
-The Alps are gorgeous–imagine Yosemite, factorial
-It’s fun to hike amongst friendly Europeans
-Gifts of free Swiss chocolate by a group staying at our hostel = yummy
-Valley of multiple waterfalls = beautiful
-Getting to sleep each night inside on a bed (instead of on air mattress in a tent) could be habit forming.
-Ditto above re: ability to shower daily
-Ditto above re: alpine huts for lunch stop of hot soup, beer, bread, cheese and processed meat served by cute Swiss mountain man

The one downside of the day: we were not able to go to Europe’s tallest karaoke bar on the top of Mt. Titles. There’s always next time…