a walk thru the alps: day 1 Attinghausen to Engelberg

Day: 1
Distance: 16+ miles
Eats: Nutella, bread, cheese, coffee, bread, cheese, salami, broccoli soup, beer, spaghetti, salad, chocolate, chocolate

After a few missed train and an express train that took us almost to Italy, Kim, Katy, Courtney and I made it Wednesday night to Attinghausen where we began our two week hiking adventure through the Swiss Alps.

First impressions?
-The Swiss have amazingly clean bathrooms.
-The Alps are gorgeous–imagine Yosemite, factorial
-It’s fun to hike amongst friendly Europeans
-Gifts of free Swiss chocolate by a group staying at our hostel = yummy
-Valley of multiple waterfalls = beautiful
-Getting to sleep each night inside on a bed (instead of on air mattress in a tent) could be habit forming.
-Ditto above re: ability to shower daily
-Ditto above re: alpine huts for lunch stop of hot soup, beer, bread, cheese and processed meat served by cute Swiss mountain man

The one downside of the day: we were not able to go to Europe’s tallest karaoke bar on the top of Mt. Titles. There’s always next time…



3 responses to “a walk thru the alps: day 1 Attinghausen to Engelberg

  1. heart attack stuff, nutella for breakfast every morning! great post.

  2. Oh wow, Erin. I am INSANELY jealous right now. That photo is amazing!! Enjoy the adventure (and keep posting so I can live through you…)!

  3. Came across your blog this evening while doing a Google search trying to recall the details of a hike my sister and I took last summer going the reverse direction – Engelberg to Attinghausen. It just so happens that we were travelling on the same day! Small world; I suppose we must have passed one another. We likewise missed a train or two getting to Engelberg; even had our bus get in an accident. We departed Engelberg mid afternoon on the 4th and then spent the night in the Schutzhutte and passed over the Surenenpass the following morning.

    Pictures here:

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