a walk thru the alps day 3: cheese

Day 3: Engstlenalp to Meiringen
Distance: 15+
Elevation: gained 1530 meters, lost 1095 meters
Eats: bread, yogurt, cheese, honey, coffee, mystery fermented drink, melted cheese on bread, chocolate, pesto pasta, salad, chocolate

The definite highlight of today was the cheese man. He gave us a mystery fermented beverage and melted (freshly made) cheese on toasted bread. Just because. To be nice. He is pictured. With a big round of fresh cheese.

It was supposed to be a short day, but we took a wrong turn and wound up walking along a beautiful ridge. Twice as far, but gorgeous.

Other highlights:
-an angry goat on the ridge
-abundant windflowers
-2 cute Italians
– first glimpse of the Eiger
-cheeseburgers for dinner
-a walk thru Muggenstutz land (a fairy tale dwarf in children’s tales)

Tonight we are staying in Meiringen, home of meringue and the waterfall where Sherlock Holmes died.

We lost yesterday’s post, but the main point was learning the word regin (as in Ronald) which means ‘rain.’

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy with thunder and lightning. We are heading to Gridenwald.




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