give a man a fish (or a fish taco): 3 kings day at casa de paz

There is a well-known phrase that my dad was fond of: “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” The only problem, in the case of my dad, was that you could never get a simple answer to a simple question–he was always trying to ‘teach you to fish for a lifetime!’ But that’s another story…

For the past few years one of my Baja neighbors, Marla Poggi, has been gathering a group of folks to put on a special lunch for the children of Casa de Paz Orphanage on Three Kings Day. Casa de Paz is located about 45 minutes from La Mision, in the Guadalupe Valley of Baja. They are actually doing a lot to try and become more sustainable–to fish for a lifetime–by growing some of their own crops, raising chickens, and getting milk from a few dairy cows–but, with almost no government support and dependent upon charitable donations, they still have the challenge of paying the monthly bills such  electricity and drinking water.

The lunch menu? Fish tacos (well, technically, in this case, shark, as that was what was available, fresh, and bought at a good price)–which I have to say were delicious!

But in addition to the special lunch, Marla has also been able to obtain generous donations to be able to stock the Casa de Paz pantry beyond the one meal on Three Kings Day. So, perhaps it is a bit of “Give a child a fish taco, feed her for a day. Connect her with caring people who’d like to help out, feed her until she can learn to fish for a lifetime herself.” It doesn’t really roll of the tongue but…


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