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photo: From a few days ago but didn’t post. Someone recently said…

From a few days ago but didn’t post. Someone recently said “It looks like all she ever does is ride her horse and eat good food.” As though those are bad things. Like I should be ‘suffering for Jesus’ more in my life. And, to be honest, I let the critique get to me. And I haven’t posted since then. But, you know what, I do ride my horse pretty much everyday. And it’s awesome. Centering. Full of delight in the beauty of nature. I’m learning a ton from it about myself, my horse, my place that I see at different tides and in different light. And, yep, I do like good food. And, there’s plenty of it to be had in Baja. Even ‘scary’ Tijuana. And maybe, just maybe, by posting pictures of this good food I hope to give you an appetite for it, and for Baja too. So that you might come and taste and delight in it. So, yes, I guess, guilty as charged. And your point is..? (at Horses by Jose)

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