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photo: through the veil

“There is a natural inertia built into the human condition that seeks the comfortable, the familiar, the secure. We want to shape life to our specifications and fix it there. We want stability. When life becomes difficult, the temptation is to want to reach the summits we can see, to settle down there, to turn our worlds into stone. We fossilize our hearts. We say this is enough. We limit our vision to what we can grasp without strain. We spend life trying to settle down, satisfied with where we’ve come, in control of where we are. Ironically, it is stability – homeostasis, the failure to adjust, to grow, to change – that threatens to destroy the very system it sets out to save.

Only the capacity to go on living, to face all of life as it is, grows us.”

– Sister Joan Chittister


through the veil
© erin dunigan 2013

street cafe

As with many images, this one happened upon me (rather than me planning it) as I walked down the street in Paris.

This is from a series I shot for a street photography class I was fortunate to take from Peter Turnely. My series was called “Paris by Design.”

street cafe, Paris (France)
© 2008 erin dunigan