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photo: dawn

photo: dawn

la mision, baja california
© erin dunigan 2013

photo: weaving the old and the new…

Old woman in the Taiwanese mountain village of 烏來 practices the aboriginal craft of weaving (the sign of a ‘good woman’) while, on stage, young men and women perform native dance, but with a modern aesthetic.

weaver, 烏來 Taiwan
© 2012 erin dunigan

offering beauty

This shot was also one that I just happened to walk by, while strolling down the street in Ubud (Bali). It was early morning, so the flowers were fresh, floating on the small pond. What caught my attention was the sheer beauty of the composition. What hadn’t even occurred to me, until one who was with us mentioned it — “Wow, that’s pretty time consuming. I’m not sure I get that.”

Of course it was time consuming, now that he pointed it out. But even more beautiful because of it’s complete lack of usefulness, other than to provide beauty, no?

beauty, Ubud (Bali)
© 2012 erin dunigan