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photo: frisbee


tigger and the frisbee

just a bit of fun from the beach today…she’s not quite catching it yet, but she’s close!

tigger the dog

This is long overdue. Exactly how much, I’m not sure, as I don’t remember what day it was when the puppy dog now known as Tigger came bounding up on the porch, ate my salsa, and came into my life. Her name really should have been Salsa.

It was an evening in October, not long after my ordination. I was sitting on the porch in Mexico, watching the sunset, drinking a beer and eating chips and salsa. Out of my peripheral vision came bounding this small ball of fur, and before I knew what had happened, the ball of fur had eaten the first thing in her range, which was the bowl of salsa. She then proceeded to wag her entire rear end, and look up at me expectantly.

There are always, or often, stray dogs in Mexico. Why this one happened to ‘stick’ I’m not sure, but it was some sort of combination of timing and circumstances that lead me, who had been saying for months, “I’m not really sure I live a life conducive to a dog, though I’d love to have a dog,” to being someone who has now checked dog training books out from the library.

The timing of it is fuzzy now, but the basic jist is that the first night I put a cardboard box with a towel in it outside for the stray puppy to sleep in. By the second night I had borrowed a crate and she was now inside the house, in the dining room. I believe it was the third night in which the crate was moved into the bedroom, and not long after that, the crate was given back and the dog remained.

Tigger was not ever a name I had planned to give a dog–I actually hadn’t planned to have a dog, so I didn’t have a name at the ready. But Tigger was the name suggested by Randy Hobson in response to the question “What do I call my dog who has lots of energy and likes to jump?” Tigger stuck. Granted, it is a cat’s name for a dog, a boy’s name for a girl, and an English name for a Mexican dog. But other than that, she’s actually very well adjusted.

I do happen to have a few photos of her, of course, so if you want to see more of Tigger, you can see some of the photos here!