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photo: open wide

In photography it’s called ‘moment’ – that certain, well, moment, when the action is captured, the story is told, the photo is made.

As it was, on my first game drive of my very brief two-day safari to the Masai Mara, I just happened to be looking at this lion as he waked from his siesta and gave this nice big yawn.


open wide                                                                               Masai Mara, Kenya
© erin dunigan 2013

photo: african sunset



african sunset                                                                         Masai Mara, Kenya
© erin dunigan 2013

photo: coffee, kenya, and community

This mug was made by hand at the Eastleigh Community Center, a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, seeking to serve, train, educate and empower those living in the Mathare Slum, one of Nairobi’s largest.

The Eastleigh Community Center provides a school as well as job retraining for young adults and work in the community in areas of health and clean water.

As I drink my morning coffee back here in Baja California, Mexico, I’m reminded of and thankful for their work and their tangible actions to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself.’


© erin dunigan 2013


Backstory:  In early February I accompanied a delegation from the PCUSA’s Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) to visit a partner church, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA). The purpose of this trip was to see the work that the PCEA is doing to reach out to those in need with the love of God – sometimes in the form of drilling boreholes (wells), providing education, offering food relief from drought and famine, as well as planting churches and building schools. The week spent with the PCEA was an inspiration and a gift.




photo: look


look                                                                                              Ingo village Kenya
© erin dunigan 2013

photo: african buffalo

TI0A4582african buffalo                                                                          masai mara, kenya
© erin dunigan 2013

photo: leopard in a tree

TI0A4313 leopard in a tree   ~      maasai mara, kenya
© erin dunigan 2013

whose story?

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On Wednesday, in Mexico, I got an email – ‘This is last minute, but might you be able to travel with us to Africa?’

Today, Saturday, three days later, I am sitting in Newark airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Brussels and then on to Nairobi.

So, needless to say, getting myself packed, vaccinated, malaria pilled and ready to go took up much of the previous 72 hrs. I was able, in the midst, to get an old hardback copy of Out of Africa to bring with me on the trip. When I travel I like to be able to read something related to the place I’m going. I’ve never even seen Out of Africa, but it comes highly recommended, so it seemed like a good fit.

I also had a recommendation for Ngugi wa Thiong’o – a Kenyan author. Given my timeframe I wasn’t able to find a book copy of it, but did manage to download the audiobook. I’ve begun both on this first leg of my journey, from Orange County to Newark.

It’s a fairly startingly contrast, even this early in, of which story, or whose story, is being told – the story of the albeit sympathetic, but still colonizer? Or the colonized?

Who are the savages?

Who are the squatters?

These, of course, are not new questions – not new issues. I am not the first, nor will I be the last, to raise them. But the multiple narratives are something I’m hoping to hold as I continue on in this journey – something I take with me as I enter in to my part of the story.