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Day 22: donkeys, craic, and wick




Today is my final day on the Emerald Isle…packing up the backpack, (which seemed to explode its contents in the guest bedroom at Stuart and Julianne’s) and preparing to head off to Paris in the morning, by way of Dublin. I had initially thought I’d be in London tonight, which would have been interesting, considering the G20 related activities. But, when I looked into flights, and thought about it, I realized staying in Belfast would work out better and be nice to get one more day with Stu and Julianne.

In honor of my departure from the north of Ireland, here are a few of my favorite new Irish words/phrases: 

  • Donkeys: “It was great to see Stuart in Julianne–I hadn’t seen them for donkeys.” 
  • Craic: “What’s the craic?” “Give me your craic!” “Any craic from Belfast?” Meaning, what’s the news, what’s the latest…digame, in Spanish
  • Wick: “That’s wick!” “That tv show was wick” Meaning, bad, terrible. 
  • Yous: the plural of you
  • So it is: “It’s raining, so it is.” “It’s a lovely place, so it is.” Sort of a nothing phrase, to add to pretty much anything
  • 15: A sweet with marshmallows, digestive biscuits, and other scrumptious flavors, cooked in a pan and served sliced