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photo: succulent sunset II (at Playa la mision)

succulent sunset II (at Playa la mision)

© erin dunigan 2013

trinity shadows

Another shadow self-portrait, this time with Katy and Kim, on our 120 mile trek on the High Sierra Trail, to Mt. Whitney and back.

This summer we’ll be tackling the Trinity Alps Wilderness. This ‘trinity’ hiking picture is my way of beginning to prepare (and much easier than actually hiking).



trinity shadows, High Sierra Trail, California
© 2010 erin dunigan

cycle silhouette (self portrait)

In March I was in Thailand. I happened to be in a small, rural, northern area called Chiang Dao, and ran into a couple of people on bicycles who said “come with us, we are going exploring in the hills.” So, I rented a bike and joined them on a midday, 100+ degree in the heat of the sun cycling adventure up into the hills. On our way back we stopped a moment to wait, and I looked down beside me and saw this, my shadow.

This is me. I am holding the iPhone within my ‘silhouette’ so that it doesn’t show–do you see I have no arms? It was funny to me, when I first posted this image, how many people said “I like the one of the man on the bike.” It took me a while to figure out what image they were talking about. Then I realized, oh wait, I’m the man on the bike.

This image is part of my current exhibit, encounter.

cycle silhouette, Chiang Dao (Thailand)
© 2012 erin dunigan