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image of the day: tango

tango along the Seine

Another shot from my “Streets of Paris” photography workshop with Peter Turnely…. One evening a few of us heard that there would be people dancing the tango along the Seine at sunset, so we headed out. What I love about this shot is the casual movement of the couple in the foreground juxtaposed with the formal pose of the couple toward the rear.

image of the day: guitar hero

a man playing the guitar in the Paris subway

This is another shot from my “Streets of Paris” photography workshop. As I was walking through the subway tunnel, I saw (and heard) this man playing guitar. Something about the juxtaposition of the man with the guitar, against the tile background, caught my eye, so, in the midst of the crowds I waited for a break in the people and got this image.

image of the day: tower reflections

Sunset view of the Eiffel Tower

In the spring of 2006 I had the opportunity to take a “Streets of Paris” photography workshop, taught by Peter Turnely. For ten days we spent our time roaming the streets of Paris, searching and waiting for images, ‘making photos’ as he referred to it, rather than ‘taking photos.’ On a previous visit to Paris (while living in Scotland) I had gone to the top of the Montparnasse Tower to see the skyline view. So, I decided to head up there again and wait for the sunset.