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one day (grapes, harvest, and new wine)


Alberto is reported to make some of the best wine in the Guadalupe Valley–what is fast becoming the next ‘up and coming’ wine country in Baja California, Mexico.  I happened to be with friends at Muelle 3 in Ensenada when Alberto came to drop off a case of his wine.

But in addition to the wine, he had a plastic bottle of some dark yellowish looking substance. It was, I came to find out, grape juice. Freshly harvested, freshly pressed.

“Today is the only day that you can drink the juice,” explained Alberto. One day only. The grapes had only just been ‘juiced’ so to speak. The following day they would begin their process of becoming some of the valley’s best wine.

Something about it struck me. This juice that he allowed us to sample–it is not something to be stored on the shelf or in the refrigerator. It is not something to be bought at a later date, enjoyed some other time.

This juice has a ‘shelf life’ of one day. You taste it now, or you miss it.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

freshly pressed, ensenada, baja california
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