just coffee?

The book is called, “Just Coffee: Caffeine with a conscience.” It’s written by (Rev.) Mark Adams & Tommy Bassett III.

One of the quotes on the back, by author and activist Brian McLaren says: “Some creative entrepreneurs bring to reality a business idea that helps the poor, transforms communities, saves lives and addresses the immigration crisis–and you can be part of this story every morning!”

logoIt is the story of  Café Justo a coffee grower cooperative based in Chiapas, Mexico.

It’s a story of a few people, with an idea, making a tangible change in the life and situation of a community in Southern Mexico.

It’s a challenge–why not buy the beans for my morning coffee from farmers who will actually reap the benefits of that purchase and be able to feed their families?

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One response to “just coffee?

  1. Thank you for highlighting Just Coffee!

    The great news is that there are more and more Fair Trade coffees out for people to try – it just needs the mindset of thinking ‘fair trade’.

    It also needs people to exercise their consumer power; if your usual grocery store doesn’t stock fair trade coffee then ask them to change……they WILL respond if there is a revenue incentive to do so.

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